Our greatest satisfaction is when our woodwork harmonizes with your spaces and the furniture that surrounds it, that is why it is important for us to know the details of the requirements and aspirations of our clients. We make a small piece of wood become an important component of a piece of furniture and we give it a touch of original design and human quality that you will not find in another provider of woodworking services for spaces in your home, office or commercial area.


At J & N Construction we care about the materials and the human quality of our staff so that we can agree on decent work between the 2 parties.


Our design staff meets with you at the place where you want to carry out the remodeling or new facilities, in this way we take note of the conditions of the area that will be intervened, with you we discuss the materials, and all the actions that must be carried out so that the project is a success, after this we determine the time and cost of it.


In this step we begin the analysis of the information gathered to design and evaluate the project, from here we can obtain the specific materials that will be used as human resources and from then on, the final estimate. But wait! in the design stage it is normal that it should be re-evaluated because changes can arise at any time, either due to force majeure or because you request something that had not been contemplated.


For the construction of the project, we must make use of tools that are positioned in our workshop, in addition to materials and safety conditions are imperative so that we can develop our work efficiently, even so, it is possible that on occasions it is necessary that a part of the construction of the furniture is carried out in its installation area.


Of course, when it comes to the property's own finishes, the works do not need to be built in our workshop, we do this directly in the installation area. So, if it is about maintenance, repair or change of a part, we will simply do a job with our portable tool kit and the staff will take care of leaving everything impeccable.

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We minimize construction costs by eliminating the extraneous and focusing on the overall efficiency for the most streamlined designs.

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