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Drywall and Finished

At N & J Construction we provide comprehensive drywall installation services and solutions to residential and commercial clients, including hanging, storage, finishing and texturing services.

We install waterproof gypsum sheathing, mold and moisture resistant gypsum boards with a fire-resistant core, X-type gypsum boards, manhole lining panels, impact resistant gypsum boards and all kinds of specialty gypsum board products. Our drywall installation experience is extensive and we can cover larger scale projects for personal clients and contractors.

Our installation, maintenance and finishing teams are experienced and adept at all levels of interior and exterior textures and finishes. We use efficient techniques for the application of finishes.

Drywall Service Areas


We are professionals in renovating, framing, drywall taping, painting


We install drywall, tapes, with the accompaniment of trained personnel in commercial areas.

Building / Industrial

Solutions for demanding clients, large areas and contractors.


Drywall can be damaged for many reasons. Some of the most common are scratches and simple holes from moving furniture. At N & J Construction, the staff is experienced in solving damages of all kinds that have been caused to the drywall.

We repair all the damage to the drywall by filling the gap with light putty, then we make sure the putty is level with the rest of the wall and let it dry between 20 and 30 minutes to sand with fine grit sandpaper and finally paint. We clean up the debris and leave an impeccable job.

If the damage is very large, replacement of the affected panels may be required and the process requires more complex tasks.


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Do not hesitate to contact us to have the honor of providing you with information and our professional services in the installation of drywall.


We minimize construction costs by eliminating the extraneous and focusing on the overall efficiency for the most streamlined designs.

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